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Aleida Nunez

  • BIO
    • Aleida Araceli Nunez Flores
    • Born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco Mexico
    • Born on unknown
    • Mexican actress
    • She was a pageant queen in diverse regional contests during her adolescence. In 1994 she gained second place in the contest Nuestra Belleza Guanajuato. She began her career in media communications as a conductor in various programs on channel 10 of León. She was also a runway and advertisement model, before beginning her career in acting.
    • A graduate of the career of communication of the University of the Bajio in Leon and the Center for Arts Education Televisa (CEA).
    • In 1998 he emigrated to Mexico City to start his acting training at the CEA, which ended in 2000 and immediately earned his first major role as the daughter of Angelica Maria in the hit comedy "Mama takes away the bride and groom" , the which made an extensive tour of the country with Angélica María and Julio German . Later participated in the soap operas "Salome" , "Between Love and Hate" , "The ways of love" , " Mariana de la noche " , " Against All Odds " and more recently in " La fea más bella " , by Angelica Vale and Jaime Camil .
    • Another area that has managed to demonstrate its qualities is the driving, having been conducting sporadic programs such as "Vida TV" and "Festival of Humor." He is currently host of the program "Viva la Mañana" on Televisa's Channel 4.
    • Throughout his career, has performed sporadically as a singer working on the project for a music album with producer grupera Tono Berumen, but the material was never released by contractual problems. Since early 2007, has begun to make presentations in various parts of the country, a genre that ranges from ballads to gruperas.
    • Since 2005 has posed for various magazines in Mexico. His appearance in the magazine FHM (For Him Magazine Mexico) in August 2006 was the biggest selling copy of this publication during [February] in January 2007 for the first time undressed for H Extremo magazine .
    • The Mexican actress Aleida Núñez defined as a new experience in his career involved in staging "Harpies," Humberto Zurita, which premieres February 25 at the Teatro San Rafael. "My character is 'Susan' and studying law, somehow has the function to be asking things to each of those living in the house to uncover who killed his father," he said in an interview with Notimex . During a break in the recordings of the promotional assembly produced by Gabriel Varela, shared that "Harpies" is a familiar work. He added that looking for a fun time for the public across genres such as comedy and suspense, also thanked working with the cast which includes installation. In 'Harpies' involved Isela Vega, Gabriela Goldsmith Gabriela Roel, Grettell Valdez, Lorena Herrera, Mary Sort, Silvia Pasquel, Magda Guzman, Patricia Reyes Spindola and Ariane Pellicer. "I think it have such a great experience directing, producing and being with these actresses is something new in my career and finally allows me to develop an important aspect, "Nunez acknowledged. He said that as part of the character will change its image: "It is surprise for the premiere, Physically my hair and some aspects of clothing, but in the physical and personality will change. " Aleida Núñez shared her efforts to present the public with quality work has been intense, "studied the way a woman behaves studying to become a lawyer, it has lots of energy and character. "I am a woman who wants to create things, in this case the psychology of the character. Study and be constantly reviewing all the dialogues to give their best on stage and as always give everything professionalism ", he said. The actress, who ended their participation in the telenovela "Everybody," said he now will make every effort to theater project. "I'm going to focus on the work because it requires much study and dedication; all the time is being on stage, there is much to study and as more projects come, "he said. He noted that in the month of testing prior to release of "Harpies" the work environment with the actresses who share credit has been great fellowship. "In my career I have never had a conflict with anyone, on the contrary, there is always something new to give and learn in this field have to be creative all the time and make our work something extraordinary, we are a great team work and friendship, "he said.