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Abigail Macalino

  • BIO
    • Abigail Macalino
    • Born and raised in Manila, Philippines
    • Not sure when she was born but she is approximately 28 years old
    • Currently resides in Alexandria, Virgina USA
    • Model/Realtor
    • Her modeling career started completly by chance, she was approached by a photographer in the post office to take some pictures, and them submit them to an agency. The rest is still history in the making with that body I am sure we will be hearing from her in the future
    • She loves to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour
    • Her favorite videogame character will always be Chun-Li, from Street Fighter.
    • Wants to pursue being a makeup artist, and also want to open my own clothing store. Ambitious
    • She likes a guy who is confident and who be's himself.
    • She is earning her Bachlors Degree in Business Management
    • She is Straight she is Catholic her sign is Sagittarius
    • Born in the Phillippines, Abigail, model name, Abby M, grew up with an abusive nanny. She was able to escape from her bad environment and move to Virginia, US where she embarks on a modeling career as well as a realitor. She has two tattoos on her back and enjoys theme parks and is a gun owner. She won a reality show called 'Supermodel Showdown' which she spent 9 days in a Costa Rican jungle where she recalls monkeys waking her up in the morning.